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Documents Available for Download


DownloadRental Application Form

DownloadSample "General Tenancy Agreement"


DownloadAppliance Instruction Manuals

Download - Gym - U60 Fitness Bike Instruction Manual

DownloadAir Conditioner Instructions

Download - List of Recommend Tradespeople

Download - Apartment Floorplans 

Download - Apartment Paint Colour Schedule


DownloadMeasurements you need to know 


DownloadBody Corporate By-Laws

Download - Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate

Download - Body Corporate Certificate of Currency


DownloadRTA Form 17A "Pocket Guide for Tenants"


DownloadRTA Fact Sheet "Entry & Privacy"


DownloadRTA Form 6 "Change of Shared Bond Arrangement"


DownloadRTA Form 13 "Notice of Intention to Leave"

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